Avocado Leaves
Avocado Leaves
Avocado Leaves
Traditionally used throughout Mexico to cook beans and mole, avocado leaf has a beautiful herbal, anise-like flavor. Add whole leaves to a pot of beans, rice or braises, or grind them to mix into sauces and rubs. Ours are harvested by hand and sun-dried by the Cruz family in Santiago Cuixtla, Oaxaca.

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Quantity: 0.25oz/7.1g
For bean preparation, we recommend about 2 toasted avocado leaves per one pound of beans. Each jar should be enough for cooking anywhere between 5-10 lbs of beans, depending on your flavor preference! Each avocado leaf averages 4-5 inches in length.
Lightly toast the leaves in a pan to intensify their flavor.