Heirloom Yellow Nal Tel Corn (Yucatán)


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(Video arriba^^^De la traducción de Milpa a Misa: "De la granja de maíz a la mesa" es un avance del proceso de conversión del grano en masa que convierte el maíz en masa fresca).

We worked with our friends at Traspatio Maya again this year to source hyper-local Yucatán heirloom corn varietals. Traspatio Maya holds similar values to Masienda for sourcing and works on the Yucatán peninsula to support 15 indigenous Mayan communities who are dedicated to the sustainable and fair production of native and culturally significant crops and products, like corn.

While dzit bacal and nal tel are the officially recognized landraces native to the Yucatán according to Biodiversidad Mexicana, the region has many regionally adapted varietals that have been naturally crossbred over generations. Tuxpeño is also a prominent landrace in the region, referred to regionally as the xnuk naal. Although the exact crosses of some varieties are unknown historically, it truly shows the significance of natural cross pollination, and the variations in microlots and terroir. Didn’t think corn and wine had much in common? Well, friends, take these for a spin and let us know just how these taste on the palate–you may be surprised at both their similarities and differences that may or may not be apparent at first bite.

Nal tel is a landrace native to the Yucatán dry tropics, said to be one of the ancient corn varietals that was the origin of many that now exist in central Mexico and Guatemala. Known and appreciated for its short maturation cycle, it’s often relied on by subsistence farmers to quickly give them the first crop of the year when the prior year’s surplus has run out. Enjoyed both as fresh elote and dried masa preparations, nal tel amarillo has small kernels yet one of the thickest pericaps of all our maíz varietals, giving it a higher protein and fiber content which is preferred in classic dishes like pozole, tortillas, and sweets.

Al aceptar la entrega del maíz variedad local o los frijoles criollos asociados con esta orden, el receptor reconoce y confirma que este producto Masienda no se propagará, cultivará ni revenderá de acuerdo con el Protocolo de Nagoya y las regulaciones estatales de impuestos sobre las ventas.

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