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As former restaurant professionals, we know the importance of sourcing ingredients with integrity and honoring the people behind them. Our Wholesale program is for restaurants, tortillerías and retailers interested in heirloom corn, heirloom masa harina and other delicious single-origin ingredients.


For more information, see our Wholesale Guide.

Red Cónico
55 lb
Creating a lovely warm pink or light red masa, the Red Cónico varietal is a sight to behold. It’s grown in Estado de México by our partner farmer Armando, and this scarlet beauty just happens to be his favorite varietal. It makes for an excellent table tortilla.
White Cónico
55 lb
White Cónico, otherwise known as Cónico Cremoso, is a varietal that has a wonderfully creamy flavor, through and through. This varietal yields a fluffy, light yellow masa that is infinitely adaptable for applications like tortillas, tetelas, sopes, huaraches and more. If you love the pillowy texture of White Chalqueño and the body of Cónico varietals, give Cremoso a try.   
Yellow Olotillo
55 lb
The sister of White Olotillo, Yellow Olotillo embodies a similar workhorse spirit yet yields a slightly darker yellow masa. Its light starch density gives it plenty of versatility, from tortillas to tostadas, tamales to arepas.
Pink Xocoyul
55 lb
This Tlaxacaltecan variety of pink heirloom corn is akin to a Chalqueño, but a bit denser. While it is traditionally used for atole dulce, a warm, sweet masa beverage, Xocoyul lends itself seamlessly to a variety of masa applications, such as quesadillas with fresh quesillo or festive pink tamales.
Blue Cónico
55 lb
Blue Cónico is a household favorite at Masienda, and one that has historically only been available in smaller quantities. Its deep blue color, tender texture and sweet, grassy flavor make it one of our favorites for classic applications like table tortillas.
Purple Cónico
55 lb
The eye-catching, richly pigmented Purple Cónico (Cónico Morado) has taken our team on corn-hunts across many Mexican states. One the cob, or elote, its kernels are a beautiful inky purple hue, while it yields a masa that ranges from mauve to earthy red.

Molinito is the first molino of its kind to be created for professional and home use, constructed with fully stainless steel components that respond directly to the demands and spatial limitations of the working kitchen. It is light, nimble and tastefully efficient. 

Shipping the week of April 10th

Molino 7.5

Looking to produce masa at scale? Molino 7.5 is fabricated with small tortillerias and high volume restaurants in mind. Its full stainless steel construction, 7.5hp motor, 8" volcanic stones, and high-capacity automatic hopper make processing up to 400 lbs of masa per hour a breeze. 

Want to chat further? Reach out to molinito@masienda.com to discuss incorporating a large mill into your production. 

Yellow Bolita
55 lb
Yellow Bolita yields a rich, beautiful yellow masa with sweeter vegetal notes that bring to mind carrots and butternut squash. Its denser starch content means it can support the structure of larger tortillas and always has a lovely toothsome finish. Also a delicious choice for pozole, polenta and grits.
Doña Rosa Tlayuda Press
This is an XL model — 15.75” (40cm) — of our popular Doña Rosa Tortilla Press, perfect for tlayudas or pressing multiple tortillas at once. Note that the cost includes shipping and handling, as it is an oversized (and heavy) item.
Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina
50 lb

Fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour, made from single origin heirloom white corn sourced from our farmer partners in Mexico. The same recipe as our 2.2lb bags.

Light, floury starch for a pillowy table tortilla; doesn’t absorb much oil when fried; concentrated, decadent corn flavor.

Made in a gluten free facility.

Heirloom Yellow Corn Masa Harina
50 lb

Fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour, made from single origin heirloom yellow corn sourced from our farmer partners in Mexico. The same recipe as our 2.2lb bags.

Deep yellow color; sweet, vegetal tasting notes of carrots and butternut squash. Made in a gluten free facility. 

Heirloom Red Corn Masa Harina
50 lb

Fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour, made from single origin heirloom red corn (to our knowledge, the only one on the market) sourced from our farmer partners in Mexico. The same recipe as our 2.2lb bags.

Light, floury starch for a pillowy table tortilla; doesn’t absorb much oil when fried; concentrated, decadent corn flavor.

Yields an eye-catching warm pink masa with an outstanding taste and texture.

Heirloom Blue Corn Masa Harina
50 lb

Fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour, made from single origin heirloom blue corn sourced from our farmer partners in Mexico. The same recipe as our 2.2lb bags.

Rich in anthocyanins (the same antioxidants that make blueberries blue); tasting notes of earthy sweet corn.

Made in a gluten free facility.

Yellow Tuxpeño
55 lb
Hailing from Chiapas, Tuxpeño is a versatile, delicious and richly pigmented varietal. It yields a masa with the deepest shade of yellow of all our varietals (Yellow Bolita being a close second). Because it could be found across Mexico in a range of climates and growing conditions, it was well suited for seed breeding and was used to create the ubiquitous Yellow #2 breed of commodity corn grown throughout the US. We wish its genetics hadn’t been hijacked but we understand why it happened: The original Tuxpeño has an intensely corn-like flavor like no other.
White Olotillo
55 lb
Olotillo is a workhorse that will produce a balanced masa, no matter the final application; it contains a light, floury starch for a pillowy table tortilla and a dense enough body for making perfect tostadas, totopos and recipe tortillas (i.e., tortillas meant for enchiladas, enfrijoladas, etc.) that don’t absorb excess oil when fried.
Chatino Black Beans
55 lb
Quite simply the most flavorful black beans we’ve ever tasted. Everything you love about this staple, yet fuller and deeper in every way. Named after the indigenous Chatino community of Tiltepec, located in Oaxaca’s coastal region where these delicious beans are grown and harvested.
Bayo Beans
55 lb
Move over, pintos. The Bayo bean, or frijol bayo, delivers a sweet, earthy flavor and a deliciously creamy texture, making it a team favorite. Uncooked, the beans are a shade of pinkish brown; while cooked, they’re closer to a tan. Add a little Avocado Leaf or some fresh epazote to your pot for extra depth of flavor.
Bolita Belatove
55 lb
Once at risk for extinction, Bolita Belatove may be among the rarest of heirloom corn varieties in all of Mexico. Belatove is Zapotec for “maguey worm”, which shares a similar pink hue. With the right amount of cal (no more than 1% ratio to corn), it yields a beautiful mauve masa and distinctly nutty flavor. We’re hooked.
44 lb
Proudly sourced from a farming community in Estado de México, Cacahuazintle is the star of pozole throughout Mexico. With a soft, floury starch and large kernel size, it blooms into a beautiful, hearty addition to any soup or stew. Our corn has not yet been nixtamalized, so make sure you process it according to your recipe. But good news: This corn is 'sin cabeza' meaning the work of removing the tip cap has already been done!
Mantequilla Beans
55 lb
How could you not love a bean with butter in the name? These Mantequilla Beans are tender, sweet and quite versatile, ideal for a beans-and-greens stew, protein-rich salads or even a vegan bean dip. If you’re looking for some of the best heirloom beans around, look no further.
Blue Bolita
55 lb
Round, ‘ball-like’ Blue Bolita comes from the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca and is often used for larger tortillas like tlayudas and quesadillas because of its starch density. It yields a beautiful, warm blue masa with a sturdy composition (slightly softer than its white and yellow counterparts).
Amarillo Beans
55 lb
Grown in Tlaxcala by our partner farmer Don Fernando, the Amarillo Bean is a hearty little legume with deep, earthy notes. It  has a brilliant color ranging from light to rich yellow, and plumps up into bean magic when cooked. Who doesn't love a brothy bowl of Amarillos alongside some rice and tortillas for a dose of plant protein with plenty of flavor? 
White Bolita
55 lb
White Bolita comes from the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca and is often used for larger tortillas like tlayudas and quesadillas because of its starch density. It yields a beautiful, natural white masa with bolita’s signature sturdy composition. We also love White Bolita in pozole.
White Chalqueño
55 lb
Chalqueño varieties — whether white or yellow — produce a pitch-perfect table tortilla. It’s tender, pillowy — ethereal, really. While White Chalqueño can be coaxed into totopos or tostadas, its highest and best use is for the kind of tender tortilla that’s perfect on its own, maybe rolled up with a bit of salt.
Yellow Cónico
55 lb
Our Yellow Cónico is grown in the highlands of Atlacomulco in Estado de México and produces a light and lovely golden masa. Along with Blue Cónico and Red Cónico, classic Yellow rounds out our offerings of this delectable, versatile heirloom corn that we find ourselves reaching for again and again.
5" Stones for Molinito

Molinito’s stones come directly from the heart of basalt country: Puebla, Mexico. Each set is fitted specifically to Molinito 1.0 and cannot be used on other molinos. For international shipping inquiries, please send us a note to info@masienda.com. Order 4 pairs and receive an automatic $50 discount. 

Ayocote Pinto Beans
55 lb

Known as frijolón pinto (large, multi-colored bean) in its home state of Oaxaca, this variety of Ayocote is plump and earthy, with a flavor reminiscent of meaty mushrooms.

Blue Mushito
This landrace has thrived in the highlands of Michoacán thanks to the Purépecha people. This indigenous community notably thwarted the Aztecs on numerous occasions, maintaining its independence throughout pre-Hispanic history. We're so happy they fought hard to preserve this beautiful blue corn that makes a particularly pliable, delicious blue tortilla.
Yellow Mushito
55 lb
Our Michoacán-grown Yellow Mushito is the lightest varietal we source for masa. It's been a staple at Masienda since day one, making for a soft, pliable tortilla and delicious corundas, a triangular, sometimes oval-shaped tamal from the region. Its masa is a golden yellow color with the barnyard-y flavor of a natural cheese rind.
Dalia Whole Bean Coffee
CASE (12 oz x 12ct)
Dalia is a comforting medium-dark blend that is a fresh take on a familiar taste. Silky sweet notes of brown sugar and toffee shine through chocolatey cacao overtones thanks to carefully sourced beans from Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Veracruz.
Alebrije Whole Bean Coffee
CASE (12 oz x 12ct)
Alebrije is an adventurous medium-roast blend that strikes the perfect balance of complexity and nuance. Exquisite coffees sourced from Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Veracruz combine to form a blend that evokes delicate flavors of almond, grapefruit, lime, and caramel.
Chivo Blanco Beans
55 lb

These heirloom white beans from Oaxaca are tiny but mighty, rich in flavor and tender in texture. Simmer with Mexican oregano, guajillos, garlic, onion and chopped tomato, and you’ll have a nourishing bowl of beans with just the right amount of bite.

Heirloom Hibiscus
11 lb / 5 kg
Our whole-flower hibiscus, or jamaica, has a range of culinary uses, from chilled tea to savory preparations like quesadillas. Ours comes from the same farmers who grow Masienda’s corn and beans in coastal Oaxaca. Each flower is hand picked and sun dried in order to maintain the ingredient’s integrity, resulting in a deeply juicy, citrus flavor and stunning crimson color.
Avocado Leaves
2 oz Bag
Traditionally used throughout Mexico to cook beans and mole, avocado leaf has a beautiful herbal, anise-like flavor. Add whole leaves to a pot of beans, rice or braises, or grind them to mix into sauces and rubs. Ours are harvested by hand and sun-dried by the Cruz family in Santiago Cuixtla, Oaxaca.
Whole Pasilla Mixe Chile
1 KG / 2.2 LB
Pasilla Mixe is one of the rarest chiles in the world, and is exclusively grown in the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca, a territory that is home to the indigenous Mixe people. Gently smoked for three days over smoldering oak wood, Mixe chiles are deep burgundy in color and complex in flavor: almost meaty in their smokiness, mild but assertive heat (like a less spicy chile de árbol), and raisiny sweetness.
Champurrado Mix
Case of 10 (5-packs each)

Champurrado is a chocolate-y version of an atole, a warm masa-based beverage enjoyed in various regions across Mexico. Its name is derived from the word champurrar, meaning "to mix," because this drink is traditionally frothed vigorously with a wooden mixing tool called a molinillo. While champurrado is typically prepared fresh for breakfast, we’ve given it the packaged treatment for the moments when you need a quick, cozy fix. Our Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina joins Dandelion single-origin dark chocolate, cane sugar, cinnamon, and salt for a delicious pick-me-up.