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As former restaurant professionals, we know the importance of sourcing ingredients with integrity and honoring the people behind them. Our Wholesale program is for restaurants, tortillerías and retailers interested in heirloom corn, heirloom masa harina and other delicious single-origin ingredients.


For more information, see our Wholesale Guide.


Molinito is the first molino of its kind to be created for professional and home use, constructed with fully stainless steel components that respond directly to the demands and spatial limitations of the working kitchen. It is light, nimble and tastefully efficient. 

Doña Rosa Tlayuda Press
This is an XL model — 15.75” (40cm) — of our popular Doña Rosa Tortilla Press, perfect for tlayudas or pressing multiple tortillas at once. Note that the cost includes shipping and handling, as it is an oversized (and heavy) item.
Cal - Calcium Hydroxide
Cal is the key to nixtamalization, the ancient Aztec cooking technique that preps heirloom corn to be ground into masa. Use it to improve the texture, flavor and aroma of raw corn and live out all of your masa dreams.
5" Stones for Molinito

Molinito’s stones come directly from the heart of basalt country: Puebla, Mexico. Each set is fitted specifically to Molinito 1.0 and cannot be used on other molinos. For international shipping inquiries, please send us a note to info@masienda.com. Order 4 pairs and receive an automatic $50 discount. 

Please Note: Molinito Stones are on backorder and are expected to ship out mid September.

Sand for Molinito Stones
2 x 2.5 lb bags
Use this silica sand to calibrate your Molinito stones after they have broken in. Not just any sand will do! Silver sand #20 is the exact type.

Ubiquitous in kitchens across Mexico, the Molcajete is a mortar and pestle made of fine-grained lava rock used for grinding spices and chiles, and preparing salsas, guacamole, and more. We partnered with artisan Don Enrique of San Salvador El Seco, Puebla, on a design that'll not only produce the ideal texture and consistency for our favorite dishes, but also look great displayed on the kitchen counter.

Doña Rosa Tortilla Press

The best tortilla press, according not just to us but also the experts at Epicurious, Saveur, America's Test Kitchen and others. It comes from the heart of Oaxaca’s Central de Abastos, where Doña Rosa has been selling her design to locals for longer than she can recall. Its pure heft (thanks to hot rolled steel) and tight calibration make a range of tortilla thicknesses possible. Plus, it's been powder coated stateside with FDA-grade paint in three stylish hues. This artisan-made press will help you take your tortillas to the next level. 


Molino 7.5

Looking to produce masa at scale? Molino 7.5 is fabricated with small tortillerias and high volume restaurants in mind. Its full stainless steel construction, 7.5hp motor, 8" volcanic stones, and high-capacity automatic hopper make processing up to 400 lbs of masa per hour a breeze. 

Want to chat further? Reach out to molinito@masienda.com to discuss incorporating a large mill into your production.