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As former restaurant professionals, we know the importance of sourcing ingredients with integrity and honoring the people behind them. Our Wholesale program is for restaurants, tortillerías and retailers interested in heirloom corn, heirloom masa harina and other delicious single-origin ingredients.


For more information, see our Wholesale Guide.

Heirloom Blue Corn Masa Harina
50 lb
Made with Blue Cónico, our Heirloom Blue Corn Masa Harina is a fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour that looks as good as it tastes. Its deep flavor comes from high quality heirloom corn, which is cooked, slow dried and milled to perfection in small batches. Plus, blue corn is naturally rich in anthocyanins, the same antioxidants that make blueberries blue and are connected to a whole host of health benefits.
Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina
50 lb
Our best-selling Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina is made from White Olotillo corn, which is cooked, dried and milled to perfection in small batches in our gluten-free facility. This fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour is the backbone of many kitchens, as it creates the perfect canvas for so countless masa creations. 
Blue Cónico
55 lb
Blue Cónico is a household favorite at Masienda, and one that has historically only been available in smaller quantities. Its deep blue color, tender texture and sweet, grassy flavor make it one of our favorites for classic applications like table tortillas.
White Olotillo
55 lb
Olotillo is a workhorse that will produce a balanced masa, no matter the final application; it contains a light, floury starch for a pillowy table tortilla and a dense enough body for making perfect tostadas, totopos and recipe tortillas (i.e., tortillas meant for enchiladas, enfrijoladas, etc.) that don’t absorb excess oil when fried.

Molinito is the first molino of its kind to be created for professional and home use, constructed with fully stainless steel components that respond directly to the demands and spatial limitations of the working kitchen. It is light, nimble and tastefully efficient. 

Chatino Black Beans
55 lb
Quite simply the most flavorful black beans we’ve ever tasted. Everything you love about this staple, yet fuller and deeper in every way. Named after the indigenous Chatino community of Tiltepec, located in Oaxaca’s coastal region where these delicious beans are grown and harvested.
Dalia Whole Bean Coffee
CASE (12 oz x 12ct)
Dalia is a comforting medium-dark blend that is a fresh take on a familiar taste. Silky sweet notes of brown sugar and toffee shine through chocolatey cacao overtones thanks to carefully sourced beans from Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Veracruz.
Alebrije Whole Bean Coffee
CASE (12 oz x 12ct)
Alebrije is an adventurous medium-roast blend that strikes the perfect balance of complexity and nuance. Exquisite coffees sourced from Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Veracruz combine to form a blend that evokes delicate flavors of almond, grapefruit, lime, and caramel.
Ubiquitous in kitchens across Mexico, the Molcajete is a mortar and pestle made of fine-grained lava rock used for grinding spices and chiles, and preparing salsas, guacamole, and more. We partnered with artisan Don Enrique of San Salvador El Seco, Puebla, on a design that'll not only produce the ideal texture and consistency for our favorite dishes, but also look great displayed on the kitchen counter.
Doña Rosa Tortilla Press

The best tortilla press, according not just to us but also the experts at Epicurious, Saveur, America's Test Kitchen and others. It comes from the heart of Oaxaca’s Central de Abastos, where Doña Rosa has been selling her design to locals for longer than she can recall. Its pure heft (thanks to hot rolled steel) and tight calibration make a range of tortilla thicknesses possible. Plus, it's been powder coated stateside with FDA-grade paint in three stylish hues. This artisan-made press will help you take your tortillas to the next level. 


Please Note: Espuma & Humo presses are on backorder and will ship the week of August 8th. All orders containing these presses will be held for shipment.