Yellow Jala (Wholesale)
Yellow Jala (Wholesale)
Yellow Jala (Wholesale)
Yellow Jala
55 lb

Yellow jala, or jala amarillo, is known for its large and floury yellow kernels with natural sweetness. It’s suitable for all masa preparations, and prized for pozole. When fresh, it’s a favorite choice for elote.

This landrace corn is famous for producing the world’s longest cobs that can measure up to 17 inches. Due to the tall stature of the stalk — often between 13-16 feet — it must be hand-sown and is often harvested on horseback. Local competitions for the longest cob are a fun part of regional initiatives to encourage farming of this very unique landrace.

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• Sourced from a small group of farmers practicing
regenerative agriculture in western Nayarit, Mexico
• Large and floury kernels with natural sweetness
• Available in yellow and white
• 55 lb / 25 kg
Prized for elote in its fresh form, jala is suitable for all masa shapes but typically used for pozole and tortillas due to its light starch density.

The kernels have thicker skin than most corn varietals, resulting in higher fiber content. In order to avoid gummy masa, we recommend a 60-70% wash off ratio.