Bayo Beans (Wholesale)
Bayo Beans (Wholesale)
Bayo Beans
55 lb
Move over, pintos. The Bayo bean, or frijol bayo, delivers a sweet, earthy flavor and a deliciously creamy texture, making it a team favorite. Uncooked, the beans are a shade of pinkish brown; while cooked, they’re closer to a tan. Add a little Avocado Leaf or some fresh epazote to your pot for extra depth of flavor.

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• Sourced from Tlaxcala
• Flavor notes: savory and earthy with a creamy texture
• 2.2 lb / 1 kg
Bayo Beans are especially delicious refried and smothered over enfrijoladas. Don’t overlook the broth either, which is quite heartwarming on its own.Tlaxcala