Heirloom Red Corn Masa Harina (Wholesale)
Heirloom Red Corn Masa Harina (Wholesale)
Heirloom Red Corn Masa Harina (Wholesale)
Heirloom Red Corn Masa Harina
50 lb

Fine-ground nixtamalized corn flour, made from single origin heirloom red corn sourced from our farmer partners in Mexico. The same recipe as our 1 kg bags.

Light, floury starch for a pillowy table tortilla; doesn’t absorb much oil when fried; concentrated, decadent corn flavor.

Yields an eye-catching warm pink masa with an outstanding taste and texture. 


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Ingredients: Non-GMO heirloom corn (premium), trace of lime
Each bag is 50 lbs.
Store in a cool, dry place for up to a year.
Masa Harina unlocks a whole world of culinary opportunities. For ideas, check out our YouTube Channel and blog.

One of One

We're all heart-eyes over our Red Heirloom Corn Masa Harina, a color that you won't find anywhere else on the market. The masa it produces is more of a warm pink or mauve, and with its subtly sweet notes and light texture, it makes for beautiful tortillas (it's also a fun choice for baking). Mix it with white for a marbled look, or a primary color palette of red, yellow, and blue.