Cacahuazintle (Wholesale)
Cacahuazintle (Wholesale)
Cacahuazintle (Wholesale)
44 lb
Proudly sourced from a farming community in Estado de México, Cacahuazintle is the star of pozole throughout Mexico. With a soft, floury starch and large kernel size, it blooms into a beautiful, hearty addition to any soup or stew. Our corn has not yet been nixtamalized, so make sure you process it according to your recipe. 

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• Sourced from Estado de México
• Flavor notes: earthy, vegetal notes of fingerling potatoes and corn crackers
• Large kernels with a soft and floury (very light) starch content
• 55 lb / 25 kg
Best for pozole, tamales (the airy, cakey kind), and arepas.