Bolita Belatove (Wholesale)
Bolita Belatove (Wholesale)
Bolita Belatove (Wholesale)
Bolita Belatove
55 lb
Once at risk for extinction, Bolita Belatove may be among the rarest of heirloom corn varieties in all of Mexico. Belatove is Zapotec for “maguey worm”, which shares a similar pink hue. With the right amount of cal (no more than 1% ratio to corn), it yields a beautiful mauve masa and distinctly nutty flavor. We’re hooked.

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• Sourced from Oaxaca's Central Valleys.
• Flavor notes: nutty like almonds
• High starch density
• 55 lb / 25 kg
Suitable for all masa preparations especially larger tortillas like tlayudas and quesadillas because of its starch content.
We recommend a 0.85-1% cal ratio to maintain the corn's color.