Yellow Tuxpeño (Wholesale)
Yellow Tuxpeño (Wholesale)
Yellow Tuxpeño (Wholesale)
Yellow Tuxpeño
55 lb
Hailing from Chiapas, Tuxpeño is a versatile, delicious and richly pigmented varietal. It yields a masa with the deepest shade of yellow of all our varietals (Yellow Bolita being a close second). Because it could be found across Mexico in a range of climates and growing conditions, it was well suited for seed breeding and was used to create the ubiquitous Yellow #2 breed of commodity corn grown throughout the US. We wish its genetics hadn’t been hijacked but we understand why it happened: The original Tuxpeño has an intensely corn-like flavor like no other.

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• Sourced from Chiapas
• Flavor notes: deep corn taste
• High starch density
55 lb / 25 kg
Great to use in larger tortillas like tlayudas and quesadillas because of its starch density.