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Frozen Tostadas
Ready-to-Fry Tostadas

**not available for online purchase, only available via distribution**

These ready-to-fry 6” tostadas are specially made with a coarser grind of masa to ensure a final outcome that’s not only crispy and crunchy, but will also hold up under the weight of any number of toppings. Coarser grind = less oil retention, meaning no soggy tostadas here.


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6” Heirloom White Corn Tostadas: 16x40 ct case
Thaw: Tostadas should be thawed and as dry as possible before frying. Thaw the cases in the walk-in with the lids open to encourage evaporation (or spread out on sheet pans, space allowing).

Fry: Optimal fry oil temp is 350 degrees. Fry in corn or canola oil (beef tallow is great if you have access!). Fry time varies depending on batch size.

Hold: Tostadas can be fried, cooled, and held for service, stored in an airtight container.

• Masienda tostadas are currently available frozen through nationwide distributors including Sysco, US Foods, Julius Silvert, Vesta, Gordon Food Services and more.
• Please reach out to your distribution rep for availability.
• If you’d like us to connect with your distributor, please ask them to contact us at [email protected].