Heirloom Corn | Masienda Elotes Occidentales from Mexico | #1 of #2
Heirloom Corn | Masienda Elotes Occidentales from Mexico | #2 of #2
Blue Elotes Occidentales
55 lb
With an elongated cob and large, floury kernels, Elotes Occidentales are known for their natural sweetness and light starch density, and are suitable for all masa preparations.

Though typically used for pozole and chicales, they’re prized for making sweet and colored atoles and pinoles.

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• Sourced from a small group of farmers practicing regenerative agriculture in western Nayarit, Mexico.
• Large and floury kernels with natural sweetness.
• 55 lb / 25 kg
Suitable for all masa preparations, but commonly used for pozole, atoles, pinoles, tortillas, and chicales regionally. When fresh, as their name suggests, they are often enjoyed as elote.

We recommend a 0.85% cal ratio to retain the corn’s blue color during nixtamalization.