5" Stones for Molinito | Masienda Stones for Grinding Masa | #1 of #2
5" Stones for Molinito | Masienda Stones for Grinding Masa | #2 of #2
5" Stones for Molinito

Molinito’s stones come directly from the heart of basalt country: Puebla, Mexico. Each set is fitted specifically to Molinito 1.0 and cannot be used on other molinos. For international shipping inquiries, please send us a note to [email protected]. Order 4 pairs and receive an automatic $50 discount. 

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• Handcarved in Puebla
• Made from natural basalt
• Stone are non-returnable and non-refundable
While we're happy to provide details on stone sharpening services for reuse, the total cost is more expensive than buying a new pair of stones ($125 per pair vs. $75 plus shipping per pair; $250 plus shipping for 4 pairs). If you would nevertheless like to sharpen your stones, please email us at [email protected].

The Real Deal

Whether manual or mechanized, we have yet to find a better piece of technology for grinding nixtamal into masa than the traditional surface derived from volcanic rock (basalt). Volcanic rock is naturally porous, filled with thousands upon thousands of tiny nooks and crannies that give nuance and aeration to the finished masa. And whereas blenders, hand-cranked mills and food processors use metal blades or plates to simply cut the contents inside, Molinito’s volcanic stones cut, mash, knead and even mix the contents together for a well-integrated masa.