Pozole Starter Kit

Pozole Starter Kit



Ready to try your hand at nixtamalization but don’t want to grind? Pozole is the perfect gateway dish to get a feel for how to nixtamalize at home (and enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor at the end).

We offer two options for this Pozole Starter Kit: both include one 4lb bag of Cacahuazintle and one 8oz bag of Chef-Grade Cal, with the option to add on our Nixtamal Book.

Proudly sourced from our partner Armando (the legend that brings us our cónico varietals), the cacahuazintle landrace is the star of the traditional dish, pozole, found throughout Mexico. With its soft, floury starch and large kernel size, cacahuazintle blooms into a beautiful addition to any soup or stew. Our cacahuazintle has not yet been nixtamalized, so make sure you process it according to your recipe (suggestion below). Some farmers will take off the “head” or tip cap of the kernel, but ours comes in tact — de-head it yourself for an even larger bloom and kernel size.

We recommend using this varietal for pozole applications and not masa, because it’s just that special. This is a fun and easy way to take on nixtamalization from home, and no molino/mill is required. Earthy, vegetal notes bring to mind fingerling potatoes and corn crackers.

Nixtamalization Method:

1) Using 1% of cal to the total corn you plan to prepare (we made 4 lbs using 0.64 oz of cal and later saved the leftover nixtamal, which stores great in the freezer), bring the corn, cal and water (enough to cover the corn by 2-3 inches) to a boil in a large stockpot.

2) Once boiling, reduce temp to med-high heat. Test the corn every 5 min or so, taking a kernel and rubbing between your fingertips. If the skin (pericarp) comes off easily, turn off the heat and let cool for up to an hour (you can also let it soak for 8-12 hours in the alkaline water, if you plan to use some of the batch for masa as well). Once cool, rinse the corn under running water, agitating vigorously, until the skins are entirely removed (you may also choose to remove the pointy end of the corn, known as the tip cap, but it’s not necessary).

3) Once rinsed, you’ll need to continue cooking the corn in the pozole broth or in a separate pot of water, until the corn blooms to your desired texture and size. Whichever method or pozole recipe you choose, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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4lb Cacahuazintle + 8oz Cal, 4lb Cacahuazintle + 8oz Cal + Nixtamal Book

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  2. Juan Carlos Franco

    Fun, and tasty, kit!

    Juan Carlos Franco (verified owner)

    I’ve been interested in making pozole from scratch and this was the perfect way for me to try it out. I was surprised at how easy it is to make some good, tasty homemade pozole.

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  3. Anton Kress

    Anton Kress (verified owner)

    The posole I made was incredible. With the kit and the recipe, this was easy and delicious. I live at 8000′ so I had to cook the corn longer than the recipe, but other than that I highly recommend. Served my staff at Telluride Brewing and everyone loved it. Making again soon!

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