Comal x Masa Kit | #1 of #2
Comal x Masa Kit | #2 of #2
Comal x Masa Kit
Comal x Masa Kit

We designed Comal to grant all of your tortilla puff wishes. Surely, you can’t do that without some masa harina on hand, right? This kit pairs our beloved Made In x Masienda Comal with two bags of our Heirloom Corn Masa Harina, both white and blue.

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• Includes: 1 Made In x Masienda Comal, 2 bags of masa harina

Comal Specs
• Weight: 3.8 lbs
• Cooking surface diameter: 11.75″
• Total diameter: 13.75″
Like a cast-iron skillet, Comal requires seasoning before use. Comal is not reliably compatible with induction burners and may warp during use. It will function over an electric stovetop, however, this may lead to uneven cooking and surface discoloration.
Check out our guide to seasoning and cleaning Comal.

How to Season Comal

Give Comal the love it deserves: season it to create a nonstick coating or patina. Seasoning is the process of treating Comal with hot oil or Made In’s Seasoning Wax, to fill the little pores of its surface so that your tortillas, quesadillas and even fried eggs will bounce right off. There are two methods for seasoning your carbon-steel pan: oven seasoning (slightly more time-intensive, recommended for your initial seasoning) and stovetop, which we recommend doing after every use for best results.