Plastic Tortilla Press Liners | #1 of #2
Plastic Tortilla Press Liners | #2 of #2
Plastic Tortilla Press Liners
Tortilla Press Liners

Ever since we started selling our Doña Rosa tortilla press, people have been asking about the best way to line it. The tortilla liner is much more than an incidental detail — it’s a fundamental piece of the tortilla-making process that ensures your masa won’t stick to the press’s surface and that tortillas transfer seamlessly from press to hand to pan. Our custom liner is printed with a tortilla ruler (in FDA-approved food-safe ink) and meant to be used and reused to your heart’s content.

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· Contains 5 sets of liners
· FDA-approved plastic and ink
· Works with all types of tortilla presses (or even between a pair of books in a pinch)
· Plastic is free of BPAs & phthalates
It’s not (just) a bag. Lay flat and cut each bag through both sides along the dotted line to create two circular liners with sizing guidelines for pressing tortillas of different circumferences. Use and reuse until, well, you simply can’t any longer.

Let Your Liner Do the Work

With the help of a press and a tortilla liner, you can create more masa dishes than just a tortilla. Easily shape triangular tetelas, oval tlacoyos, and even filled flautas using the bottom liner to coax out different forms.

Make Tetelas


Is this plastic free of BPAs and phthalates?

Yes, it is!

If I don’t have a Masienda tortilla press liner, what else can I use?

Have an old school grocery bag lying around? That will work, too! From our experience, the thinner the plastic, the better. You can also use parchment or wax paper, but it may just be a little trickier to separate the tortilla, as they are thicker and less pliable.