Nixtamal Book by Jorge Gaviria | Guide to Masa Preparation | #1 of #1
Nixtamal: A Guide to Masa Preparation in the United States
This 48-page primer on the history, science and common curiosities of nixtamalization features contributions from scientists, chefs, tortilla experts, journalists and home cooks. It seeks to answer fundamental questions like 'What is nixtamalization?' as well as provide plenty of recipe inspiration and enriching context. Ideal for beginners as well as advanced students of the craft.

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Authors and Contributors: Masienda / MiniSuper Studio (Authors), Jorge Gaviria (Contributor), Rick Bayless (Contributor), Sean Brock (Contributor), Amanda Gálvez (Contributor), Carlos Salgado (Contributor), Steve Santana (Contributor), Daniela Soto-Innes (Contributor), Lesley Téllez (Contributor), Blair Richardson (Contributor)
Publisher: Masienda / MiniSuper Studio (2017)
All of your questions are answered in this helpful guide to nixtamal.