Blue Bolita
Blue Bolita
Blue Bolita
Blue Bolita
2.2 lb / 1 kg
Round, ‘ball-like’ Blue Bolita comes from Oaxaca's Central Valleys and is often used for larger tortillas like tlayudas and quesadillas because of its starch density. It yields a beautiful, warm blue masa with a sturdy composition (slightly softer than its white and yellow counterparts).

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Milk with a grassy, earthy finish
Denser starch content
Oaxaca's Central Valleys
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Meet Don Juan

Don Juan Velasco, pictured center right, was among our very first farming partners in Mexico. In addition to cultivating Bolita varietals each year, he has been instrumental in Masienda’s local aggregation process throughout the Zapotec community of Santa Ana Zegache, about 45 minutes from Ciudad de Oaxaca or Oaxaca City. Juan’s work reviving and preserving landrace varietals of corn in Mexico, of which there are more than 59 documented to date, is something to be admired.