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Doña Rosa Tortilla Press
Doña Rosa Tortilla Press

The best tortilla press, not just according to us, but also the experts at Epicurious, Saveur, Serious Eats, and America's Test Kitchen. The Doña Rosa’s hefty size (thanks to hot rolled steel) and tight calibration make a range of tortilla thicknesses possible. It also won’t wiggle or jiggle around on your countertop. Plus, our artisan-made press has been finished with food-safe powder coat stateside in various stylish hues. Oh, and did we mention it comes with custom reusable liners printed with a tortilla sizing ruler?


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· Powder coat is food-safe and free of PTFE, PFOA, PFAS, lead, or cadmium.
· Tortilla Press Liner is BPA and phthalate free.
· Base Dimensions: 9.5” x 8.75”
· Presses tortillas up to 6.5” in diameter
· Weight: 10.4lbs
· Reminder: These are handmade tortilla presses with subtle imperfections. Use caution when opening and closing the lid, minding its edges and corners, which can be sharp. Paint may wear in high-contact areas after extensive use. Handle with care.
· Beyond tortillas and masa shapes like tetelas, flautas and infladitas, there are a multitude of uses for a tortilla press. Dumpling wrappers? Roll over, rolling pin! Smashburgers? Meet your new smasher. Flatbreads? Never been flatter.
Review Highlights-

Well made and a beauty

Well made and a beauty to look at. Works flawlessly every time. Very happy with my purchase!

Angelica O.

Greatest Tortilla Press

I’m so glad I bought this. Made the red masa tortillas and it was amazing. Gonna toss the round one I have. Worth the price.

Maria F.

Supports Artisans

Great Gift

100% Made in Mexico

From Oaxaca, With Love

Deep in the labyrinthine heart of Oaxaca’s Central de Abastos, Doña Rosa has been selling tortilla presses to locals for longer than she can recall. From the first time we worked with this style of press, we have marveled at how such a seemingly straightforward tool could make such an outsized impact on a finished tortilla. Entertained by our efforts to bring back as many of these handmade presses that our suitcases could hold, Doña Rosa eventually agreed to produce her presses just for Masienda. Our partnership with Doña Rosa and her family has grown over the course of the past three years, and we feel lucky to call them not just supplier partners but friends.

Taking Tacos to a New Level

We’re of the mind that the tortilla makes the taco. You've put so much love and care into your toppings and fillings – scouring the farmers market for the freshest ingredients, spending hours stewing meat, pickling onions, and grinding salsa – why serve the fruits of your labor atop a mediocre tortilla? Once you've embraced the homemade tortilla, it’s hard to go back to store-bought.

How to Make Tortillas


Do I need to use plastic liners with my tortilla press?

We always recommend using plastic liners with the press, as it makes it easier and faster to remove the masa once pressed. Your tortilla press comes with Masienda's custom liners, but we also recommend plastic grocery bags. They're the perfect thickness and also do not stick to the masa. In a pinch, Ziplock bags also work but have a much higher tendency to stick to the masa.

Why is there a gap in my tortilla press?

The gap that you are seeing is actually completely normal and part of the design of our presses. They are designed to allow for the tension that is needed by the handle to press the tortilla. This also allows the user to adjust the level of thickness by applying more or less pressure.

For the most even tortilla we always recommend pressing twice; rotating the tortilla 180 the second time to even it out. Note: the closer the tortilla is placed to the hinge, the thinner the tortilla will become.

How should I clean my tortilla press?

After use, wipe the press clean with a dry rag. If it requires a deeper cleaning, go in with a slightly damp rag, making sure to dry it completely afterwards. Paint may wear in high-contact areas after extended use, and moisture will create rust.

Is it normal for my press to wobble slightly?

Due to the hand made nature of the Dona Rosa Tortilla Press, it's normal for the legs to be slightly uneven. All presses can have a little wobble (you can place a towel under it to help keep it from moving and from scratching any surface it's on).