Your Tortilla Press' BFF

Your Tortilla Press' BFF
A good, thin tortilla press liner is key to transferring your masa seamlessly from press to pan. Without it, the masa sticks to the surface of your press, destroying all the work you've gone to mix your masa and shape your tortilla.

For years, customers had been asking for our recommendations for the best way to line their tortilla presses.

Across Mexico and the US, people save and reuse thin, plastic produce bags to cut into circles. These makeshift liners are pretty much the platonic ideal: the thinner, the better for transferring. We wanted to create something similar, with better materials and added function. So we introduced our custom nonstick Tortilla Press Liners to pair with our bestselling press: they're plastic bags, yes, but they are free of BPAs and phlalates, and come printed with a tortilla ruler (in FDA-approved food-safe ink) for creating tortillas of different sizes, any time, and an easy-cut die line designed to fit most presses on the market.

How many times can I reuse Masienda's Tortilla Press ?
You can use and reuse these liners many, many times over. We haven't done an official test, but one customer said "I’ve been able to use the same one weekly for almost an entire year."

How should I clean my Tortilla Press ?
They can simply be wiped down with a cloth, or rinsed with warm water and dried on a dish rack. We like to store them inside the tortilla press between uses.

What's the ruler for?
The tortilla ruler that appears on your liners can be used as a guide for creating tortillas (or sopes) of different diameters.

Why is the liner circular when the press is square?
We designed our Tortilla Press to be used on tortilla presses of different sizes and shapes. Some people prefer to cut their liners along the circular, dotted line, while others prefer to cut along the sides of the bag to maintain a square shape.

What else can the liners be used for?
Aside from tortillas, a plastic liner makes shaping many different masa dishes a cinch. Use the sides to coax your flattened masa into tetelas, tlacoyos, flautas, and more.

Isn't it unsafe to cook with plastic?
Leaching (when chemicals like BPAs are transferred from plastic to food) typically occurs with a change in temperature. The plastic used for our tortilla press liners is free of BPAs and phlalates, and because the interaction of liner and masa will not result in any temperature change, the process is entirely food-safe (just like the ink on your liners). Remember, you aren't cooking with your liners! Some people prefer not to use plastic in their homes, in which case parchment paper is a potential substitute. We don't love it as an option because it tends to dampen, and any wrinkles in the paper will leave an imprint on your tortilla.

If I don't have a Masienda Tortilla Press Liner, what can I use?
Our best recommendation is a plastic produce bag from the grocery store — the thinner, the better. A Ziploc bag, wax or parchment paper will work in a pinch, but those thick, less pliable materials may make it trickier to separate the tortilla.

I don't have Masienda's Tortilla Press: can I still use these liners?
Yes! Our tortilla press liners are designed to be used with most tortilla presses, and work quite well with the popular Victoria cast iron tortilla press.

My Tortilla Press only came with one liner; I need more!
Each Tortilla Press and Tortilla Starter Kit includes a complimentary set of liners. Once you've used and reused them sufficiently, you can find five-packs of liners both on and on Amazon.