Stack a Crispy Tortilla With Your Favorite Toppings To Make Volcanes

Volcanes on a comal topped with quesillo, chorizo, and guacamole

By Miguel Guerrero

On my last trip to Guadalajara, my abue mentioned she wanted to cook something special for me, a recipe she had just learned from her neighbor. Excitedly, I sat at the kitchen table and watched as she toasted tortillas on her comal. Once they reached the perfect tostada-like level of crispiness (crispy throughout, no soft middle), she added a layer of quesillo, followed by carne asada, then a layer of crispy chorizo — they resembled their namesake, volcanes (volcanoes). After topping them with guacamole, she plated them for me, advising me to eat them quickly to prevent the tortilla from getting too soggy.

If you find yourself in Northern Mexico, you'll likely hear them referred to as volcanes. Down in central Mexico, they're also known as vampiros. Volcanes are more a method than a strict recipe, and the toppings are truly endless. While the classic meats for these are chorizo, carne asada, and al pastor, feel free to get creative and use any toppings you desire. We've linked some topping inspo in the recipe below.


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