The Game-Changing Hack for the Best Guacamole Ever

Guacamole with tostadas, served in Masienda molcajete
When it comes to guacamole recipes, they don’t tend to differ too much, one from the other. Chop and assemble your avocados, onion, chile, cilantro, lime, salt and mash. But a molcajete changes all of that — and certainly for the better. Instead of simply dicing your ingredients, you begin by creating a coarse paste of the salt, onion, cilantro and chile (serrano, jalapeño — your choice). Grinding the ingredients helps release fragrant oils, unlock flavor and improve texture, all in one fell swoop. After mixing in your ripe avocados and seasoning with salt and lime, you’ll be left with a guacamole that’s nothing short of pitch perfect. Scroll to the bottom of page for our recipe for the absolute best classic guacamole. 
Molcajete with fresh guacamole

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Make It Your Own
 There really is no one recipe for guacamole: we think of it as a choose-your-own adventure dish.

The Base
From where we stand, the most important thing is creating a base of flavor by grinding aromatics (onion, cilantro, and chile) into a paste to infuse the whole dip with flavor. Of course, you can do without this step: it just won't have quite the same wow factor. We like fresh jalapeño for the chile, but roasted habanero or serrano adds nice depth of flavor. Reduce the heat level by removing the seeds from your chile (or increase it by adding more). Some folks swear by a clove of garlic at this stage. Done in the right balance, you don't get garlic flavor, just an unnameable extra boost.

Mix Ins
Reserve some of the diced onion and cilantro to mix in at the end if you a little more texture. Other optional mix-ins: diced tomatoes, diced mango, or the highly controversial green peas (to each their own!). For a Oaxacan twist, add extra herbs like cepiche or cilantro criollo.

This part is not optional: add lime juice and salt until it tastes really good.

Pomegranate seeds look pretty. Chapulines add that good crunch. Some like crumbled queso fresco, making it practically a complete meal.

To Serve
Dig in with chicharrones, jicama, or some good old fashioned totopos (freshly fried, if you're feeling fancy). Did we miss anything?


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