Make These Memelas: A Oaxacan Breakfast Delight

Memelas on a plate with frijoles and queso topped with salsa

Memelas are a beloved Oaxacan breakfast dish. They might remind you of sopes or picaditas, pero they have their own unique charm. Imagine a thick, crispy tortilla cooked to perfection on a comal, layered with asiento or any other rendered fat (you can use schmaltz, or the fat left over from cooking bacon), then topped with just about anything you like. Classic choices are frijoles, melted queso, and all sorts of guisados.

Perfect for an antojito or a full meal, memelas a delicious way to discover the flavors of Oaxaca and the versatility of masa. Next time you crave something more than a tortilla, treat yourself to memelas loaded with your favorite toppings and topped with salsa.


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