All About Masa

What is Masa?

Masa means dough in Spanish, but we're not just talking about any dough. Specifically, we mean the nutrient-rich mixture made from stone-ground, nixtamalized corn. Nixtamalization is the process of steeping corn in an alkaline substance in order to make it more digestible, easier to grind, and more nutritious. Masa harina, or "dough flour" is a dehydrated and finely-ground version of masa, a just-add-water masa flour that allows you to make homemade tortillas in minutes. This ancient superfood forms the buidling block of hundreds of dishes throughout Latin American cuisines. If you've had a taco or a tamale, surprise! You've experienced the magic of masa.

The Better Masa Company

We're all about the corn. Our masa harina (masa flour) is made in Mexico from just two ingredients: heirloom, non-GMO corn and slaked lime (key to unlocking corn’s nutritional value). Always gluten-free. No preservatives. We nixtamalize and grind whole kernels to produce a soft and pliable masa that sparkles – reflecting the corn it came from. Our masa is embraced and celebrated by the best restaurants in the world for its superior flavor and fine grind.

Tortillas and Beyond

Our Best Recipe For Homemade Tortillas Using Masa Harina

Tamales From Masa Harina

Fudgy, One-Bowl Masa Harina Brownies

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