La Familia Masa Harina Bundle
La Familia Masa Harina Bundle
La Familia Masa Harina Bundle
La Familia Masa Harina Bundle
La Familia Masa Harina Bundle
La Familia Masa Harina Bundle
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La Familia Masa Harina Bundle

The gang’s all here. ‘La Familia’ is a collection of all four types of our nixtamalized Heirloom Corn Masa Harina: white, yellow, blue, and red. Their deep flavor and vibrant colors come from non-GMO heirloom corn grown in Mexico, which is then cooked, dried, and finely milled in small batches. Making masa is as easy as mixing a cup of masa harina with a cup of water. Enjoy warm, homemade tortillas in minutes.

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· Each bag is 2.2 lbs or 1 Kg
· Each 2.2 pound bag of masa makes 84 6” tortillas
Our incredibly versatile, deeply flavorful Heirloom Corn Masa Harina begs to be used in tortillas, tamales, gorditas, pupusas, and more. For recipe ideas, check out our YouTube channel, Instagram, and blog.
Review Highlights-

Love the masas

I have been getting my daughters involved in making tortillas; it’s fun and a historic learning experience for them.

Salvador G.

Fantastic tortillas. Finally

I’m so excited to have found this masa. Have only tried the red so far, but it’s delicious. Can’t wait to work through the rainbow.

Deb M.
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Single-Origin Heirloom Corn

Great Gift

100% Made in Mexico

Supports Small-Scale Agriculture

Taste the Rainbow

One of the most common questions we get at Masienda is, “What’s the difference between the colors of masa harina?” The vibrant colors of each type of corn flour come from the corn’s naturally occurring pigments. You can use any color for any masa application, but there are subtle differences in flavor and texture that lend themselves better to different types of recipes. More notably, certain colors often have regional associations based on corn varietals historically availability in the area. But the diversity of colors is really an invitation to explore and get creative. Do you want that bright look of a classic tortilla? Try yellow! And if you can’t choose, feel free to play around and even mix colors.

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Taking Tacos to a New Level

We’re of the mind that the tortilla makes the taco. You’ve put so much love and care into your toppings and fillings — scouring the market for the freshest ingredients, spending hours stewing meat, pickling onions, and grinding salsa — why serve the fruits of your labor atop a mediocre tortilla? Once you’ve tried tucking those fillings into a pillowy, handmade tortilla bursting with the flavor of heirloom corn, it’s hard to go back to store-bought.

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