Coat Your Short Ribs in Mole, You Won't Regret It

A taco of short rib with mole on a plate

By Miguel Guerrero

Short ribs are one of our favorite ways to show off in the kitchen: low effort, high reward. But in this case, the star of the show is the mole they get coated in. It's a sweeter, nuttier version than mole negro, and endlessly customizable. By braising the short ribs first, then coating them in the sauce, you get a super tender but still sliceable texture that's a perfect pairing for warm, chewy corn tortillas.

To change up the mole, add more chile de árbol if you like it hot, or more galletas María for extra sweetness. 

Impress someone you love with this dish that tastes so much more complex than the sum of its parts.


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