Our Favorite Summer Grilling Recipes

Carne asada spread

Carne asada season is here: let's fire up the grill! From unctuous bone marrow and picaña tacos to a perfect pollo al carbon and the elote upgrade you never knew you needed, we've got your grill game on lock.

Pollo Al Carbon

This Yucatecan-influenced grilled chicken is juicy, with a hint of sweetness and acidity, just the right amount of heat, and a kiss of smoke, courtesy of the grill.

Picaña and Tuétano Tacos

The only thing better than rich, juicy picaña steak (also known as sirloin cap)? Serving it in a taco with warm, buttery bone marrow fresh off the grill.

Carne Asada Tacos

There are as many versions of tacos de carne asada as there are families who make them, but we like infusing our flank steak with a spicy, citrusy marinade. For a simpler, salt-and-pepper version, check out ArnieTex's recipe.

Al Pastor Kebabs

Recreate the flavors of tacos al pastor on the grill by skewering chicken thighs, kebab-style. Don't forget the pineapple, diced onion, and cilantro!

Elote with Homemade Tajín

A hand-ground version of Tajín, the sour-salty-spicy chile blend, elevates everything from grilled elote to watermelon to the rim of your margarita.

Grill Tips From ArnieTex

Looking for grill guidance? The ultimate barbecue master ArnieTex has you covered.

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