Grill Juicy Picaña and Luscious Tuétano This Summer

Picaña on the grill and tuétano

As grilling season continues here at Masienda, we're excited to highlight one of our favorite cuts: picaña. Known for its rich flavor and juicy texture, picaña comes from the top of the rump, specifically the rump cap or sirloin cap, easily identified by the thick layer of fat on one side. This fat cap keeps the meat juicy and enhances the flavor during grilling. The best part? All it needs is a generous sprinkle of salt to taste amazing—no need for a bunch of extra seasonings.

To really dazzle your pals, add some tuétano (bone marrow), affectionately known as "meat butter" to the grill while you're add it. Spread atop a taco, warm marrow is an especially memorable touch, the kind of extravagance you might find in Northern Mexico. 

May we also recommend pairing this duo with the bright heat of a tomatillo aguacate salsa verde, all wrapped in pillowy corn tortillas? Uuuuuuf. We're salivating. 


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