The Perfect Tomatillo Aguacate Salsa Verde

Taco topped with salsa verde de aguacate
When the warm weather hits, all we crave is a zesty, citrus-y salsa with a creamy finish to accompany all our taco, tototpo, and quesadilla cravings. This is that salsa.

The ingredients are simple — tomatillos, white onion, serrano chiles, limes, avocado, cilantro, salt — but the results are impressive. The key is to make this in a molcajete, which we find makes a difference in a few key ways. You start by grinding your onion, chile, and cilantro together into something like a paste as a base for your salsa. When you blend onions (or other alliums like garlic or scallions) in a blender, their flavor can become sharp and take over. In a molcajete, the grinding action releases the natural oils of the ingredients, marrying them together to create big flavor and bright color in a way that spinning blades just can not. We also love the way this recipe calls for adding avocado to your desired consistency. Sometimes we're in the mood for something closer to salsa; sometimes we're in the mood for something closer to guacamole. This technique gives you all the control. ¡Provecho! 

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