The Coziest Mushroom & Masa Soup for Fall

The Coziest Mushroom & Masa Soup for Fall

Mushrooms and maíz have a storied relationship in Mexico, particularly in Oaxaca, where writer Andrea Aliseda found her inspiration to create a nourishing soup that combines blue oyster mushrooms from our friends at Smallhold (growers of the best organic mushrooms) with our Heirloom Blue Corn Masa Harina. This recipe brings together together the flavors of the milpa—from the tip of the corn stalk to the floor of the earth. Provecho!

Andrea says:

Make this warming, incredibly nourishing and savory delicious blue oyster atole soup next time you want to feed your soul. Inspired by a huitlacoche soup I had at Alfonsina, combined with an atole-style soup eaten at the palenque where Agua Mágica sources their mezcal, I’ve recreated their comforting and rich flavors using Smallhold's blue oyster mushrooms and Masienda's blue masa harina, as an ode to Oaxaca. Searing your mushrooms gives this soup a smokey meaty touch, so be sure to hold your salt when you do. The leeks will add depth, and shallots a little sharpness. Adjust the salt to your taste as you go. I use Himalayan but kosher or sea salt will do great, and let your beautiful ingredients color the flavors of this luscious hongo atole soup that you won’t soon forget.


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