Karla Vaszquez's Pastelitos de Hongos

Plate of pastelitos de hongos with a side of curtido

For our May Chef en Residencia's final installment, Karla Tatiana Vasquez is sharing her take on a Salvadoran classic, pastelitos. Pastelitos salvadoreños, similar to Mexican empanadas, are a perfect handheld snack: deep-fried masa turnovers typically stuffed with beef or chicken. The version Karla makes in The SalviSoul Cookbook has a plant-based filling, but you won't miss the meat — finely chopped mushrooms take on deep flavor when sautéed with aromatics and a host of other veggies. Leave out the chicken bouillon for a fully vegetarian version, and top the pastelitos with salsa de tomate and curtido for brightness.


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