Karla Vaszquez's Salvadoran Beef Enchiladas

Plate of Salvadoran Enchiladas de Carne de Res
Masienda's May Chef en Residencia Karla Tatiana Vasquez brings another delicious recipe to our table. Inspired by her research for The SalviSoul Cookbook, these enchiladas de carne de res offer a taste of El Salvador.

The world of enchiladas is vast, and Salvi enchiladas are deliciously different from the many versions of enchiladas in Mexican cuisine. In fact, upon developing the recipe, Karla learned of a similar one from a Guatemalan neighbor.

These enchiladas feature a take on El Salvador's traditional thick, hand-formed tortillas — colored with achiote powder, and fried. They get topped with a filling of tender ground beef, potatoes, and veggies, then garnished with flavorful curtido, salsa de tomate, and sliced hard-boiled eggs.

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