This Protein-Packed Pot Of Beans Is For The Meat Lovers... and Cowboys

Bowl of frijoles charros (beans, broth, sausage) topped with cilantro, onion, lime, and served with tortillas

We see your Girl Dinner and raise you Cowboy Dinner. Frijoles charros, (named after Mexican cowboys who ate them to fuel a hard day's work) are the ultimate camping or potluck dish, and like all good guisos, they only get better with time. They're typically made with pinto beans, for which our Heirloom Bayo Beans are an ideal substitute. This particular recipe, lightly adapted from Gemma Aguayo-Murphy of Everyday Latina, is a hearty, meaty stew with beans featuring onion, garlic, and salted pork. We like adding chorizo, hot dogs, jalapeño, and tomatoes for the ultimate one-pot meal — just add tortillas and a cold beer.


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