Drown Your Flautas in Salsa

Flautas ahogadas

Flautas, on their own, are a near-perfect food: corn tortillas, fried to a shattering crisp and rolled around a filling. They're a great vehicle for leftover mashed potatoes or shredded chicken, come together quickly, and are a favorite of kids everywhere.

Flautas ahogadas are another thing entirely. It may seem counterintuitive to bathe (or drown, ahogar) something crispy in a sauce, but ... chilaquiles, anyone? When the crunchy masa gets just a liiiiitle bit soggy, a beautiful study in textures occurs. We don't want you to stop there: after drowning your flautas in a mild, tomato-based salsa, you'll pile on the toppings. Shredduce, queso fresco, and crema are all invited to the party. Now you've got crunchy, saucy, salty, and creamy. Is there anything better?


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