Champurrado Arroz con Leche

Bowl of Arroz con Leche with Champurrado garnished with champurrado mix and sweet crema

By Miguel Guerrero

A cherished childhood memory of mine involves escaping the frigid winters of Chicago by traveling to Guadalajara with my mama and siblings, crashing at our abue's casa. Like many abuelas, upon our arrival, she expressed her love through cooking, and one of those delights was arroz con leche. In years when we aren't able to return to Guadalajara during the winter time, my mama and I uphold that tradition by preparing a batch of arroz con leche together. This year, we decided to get creative and blend arroz con leche with the chocolatey, cinnamon-spiked atole, champurrado. Garnishes are up to you: we like chopped pecans, raisins, and sometimes even chopped dark chocolate. Don't forget to sprinkle a bit more Champurrado Mix on top for an extra hit of chocolatey goodness.



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