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As former restaurant professionals, we always craved a direct connection to the people and stories behind the ingredients we sourced for our menus. In fact, our most memorable experiences were when suppliers were directly involved in our ordering, customer service and deliveries. It is with this relationship in mind that Masienda built its direct-to-chef (D2Chef) program.

D2Chef is direct (wholesale) distribution of our heirloom corn, Chef-Grade Masa Flour, beans, hibiscus and masa supplies to your business. For restaurants, tortillerias and foodservice operations interested in D2Chef wholesale purchasing, two options are available, for your convenience:

Our online store carries both sample (5 lb) and wholesale (50-55 lb) purchasing options, fulfilled through parcel delivery (USPS, UPS, and FedEx Ground). If you are hoping to purchase six bags (50-55 lb each) or fewer at a time, this is the quickest way to do so. No wholesale account set up is required.

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Wholesale pricing begins as follows (note: pricing decreases from listed prices according to pallet volumes):

    • Heirloom Corn (all varieties, 55 lb per bag): $1.10/lb
    • Chef-Grade Masa Flour (White Olotillo, 50 lb per bag): $1.45/lb / $1.25/lb (full pallet price break)
    • Chef-Grade Masa Flour (Blue Cónico, 50 lb per bag): $1.75/lb
    • Heirloom Beans (55 lb per bag): $1.75/lb
    • Heirloom Hibiscus (11 lb bag size): $12/lb
    • Cal (Calcium Hydroxide, 10 lb per bag): $12/bag


For orders larger than six bags (50-55lbs), we are able to provide additional shipping efficiencies through Masienda freight (i.e., pallet) delivery. We suggest this option if you are regularly ordering wholesale quantities. In order to set up a wholesale account, please take 90 seconds to share your needs with our Wholesale Hospitality Team.

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For existing accounts, please send us an email to orders@masienda.com and our Wholesale Hospitality Team will research the best shipping options for your needs.


The Kernel-to-Masa Program entails making masa completely from scratch, with Masienda heirloom corn as your starting point. This program allows you to create exactly the kind of masa you want, using the corn varietal(s) you prefer, in the style that you envision. We offer not only the raw ingredients necessary to make this possible, but also the hardware AND our team’s collective masa expertise to guide you along the way. The Kernel-to-Masa Program is how we started in 2014 and continues to be the most exciting option for chefs looking to make a masa change. For a kernel-to-masa program, you will need:

  1. Ingredients: Heirloom corn, Chef-Grade Cal and water
  2. A Molinito (a stone mill for wet milling) to grind your nixtamalized corn in house
  3. Recommended: A standup mixer for evenly mixing your stone-ground masa and a tortilla press.

Alternatively, we do now also offer Chef-Grade Masa Harina, which is a quick way to easily up your masa game. The wet masa is made using the same process of cooking, nixtamalization and grinding that you would use to prepare tortillas from scratch, but is then slowly dehydrated for ensuring maximum shelf stability. We love it because it is made using the same corn that we source (specifically olotillo blanco from Oaxaca), so you are easily able to access Masienda quality and flavor with a fraction of the prep. For Chef-Grade Masa Harina, you will need:

  1. Ingredients: Chef-Grade Masa Harina and water
  2. Recommended: A standup mixer for evenly mixing and rehydrating your Chef-Grade Masa Harina and a tortilla press.

Which one is best for you? If you are looking for total control over texture, flavor and style, we would recommend doing the Kernel-to-Masa Program. Chef-Grade Masa Harina only comes in one, fine texture that is best suited for table tortillas (the kind that inflate) and some tamal applications. We would not recommend using the masa harina for recipe tortillas (the kind you fry into tostadas, enchiladas, chips, etc.), for example, because it will take on too much oil and bubble up more than you’re looking for.

We are personally partial to the Kernel-to-Masa Program because masa is at its absolute best when freshly prepared from scratch. That said, if you would like to run an occasional taco special with hand-pressed tortillas and are not quite ready to make the jump to the Kernel-to-Masa Program, Chef-Grade Masa Harina will allow you to simply add water, press and serve. (And remember, we can always set up distribution for specific, pre-made recipes like tostadas or pre-cut chips!)


For foodservice ready-made items, we rely on third-party distributors to manage the cold-chain delivery process; that’s to say, they fall outside of our D2Chef distribution model.

We offer tortillas, pre-cut chips, and tostadas that are frozen and boxed, allowing you to prepare items a la minute as needed without accruing additional labor costs in your restaurants. Our pre-cut chips and tostadas are made with a coarser grind and lower moisture masa to ensure the crunchiest, crispiest, texture possible. 

If you are interested in tortillas, pre-cut chips, or tostadas for your restaurant in the US or Canada, please note that setup will likely be required with your distributor of choice. In order to expedite this process, we kindly request that you connect us directly with your representative via email at orders@masienda.com. We are unable to fulfill international tortilla orders at this time.


If you would prefer to work with a distributor of your choice, we kindly request that you connect us directly with your representative via email at info@masienda.com.


Samples sizes of our top-selling heirloom corn varieties, Chef-Grade Masa Flour and heirloom beans are available directly from our online store.

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With the exception of tortillas, Masienda ships wholesale to address outside of the contiguous United States as well as internationally! In order to set up a wholesale account and explore custom freight options, please take 90 seconds to share your production needs with our hospitality team.

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For Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico/FPO/APO/international parcel shipping (small items via USPS, UPS or FedEx), please fill out our shipping inquiry and be sure to include full product descriptions and quantities. Our team will be in touch with you directly to provide shipping rates and options.

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Masienda has worked with professional chefs, large-scale manufacturers and retailers to build custom masa programs. While this service is complimentary for our wholesale partners, we are happy to provide consultation to those outside of our network. Please email info@masienda.com to discuss in further detail.


By accepting delivery of Masienda landrace maize or heirloom beans, recipient acknowledges and confirms that this Masienda product shall not be propagated, cultivated or resold, in strict accordance with the Nagoya Protocol and state sales tax regulations.


Although Masienda utilizes Ultra Hermetic Storage bags, we kindly request that our products remain in a cool, dry place to ensure the highest quality possible. Stored properly, Masienda corn has an indefinite shelf life.