Doña Rosa Tortilla Press

From Oaxaca With Love

The Doña Rosa Tortilla Press comes from the heart of Oaxaca’s Central de Abastos, where Doña Rosa has been selling her design to locals for longer than she can recall. Its pure heft (thanks to hot rolled steel) and deliberate design (the space between the plates) make a range of tortilla thicknesses possible. Plus, it's been finished with food-safe powder coat stateside in three stylish hues. This artisan-made press will help you take your tortillas to the next level.

Anatomy of a Tortilla Puff

A puff occurs during the cooking process of a tortilla when the moisture trapped inside the tortilla heats up and expands outward in the form of steam. Though a marvel to behold, it’s about far more than just aesthetics. The puff helps to ensure that the tortilla cooks evenly through the center while also maintaining proper moisture and elasticity. It’s the hallmark of a well-made tortilla.

  • Moisture
    Aim for a dough that’s well-kneaded (three minutes or so will do) and well-hydrated. It should be a little stickier than Play-Doh, but not so sticky that it adheres to your hands. If you’re using masa harina, consider letting the masa rest, covered, for 10-20 minutes.
  • Compression
    Steady, even pressing allows steam pressure to build and expand outward, forming a puff. We recommend pressing once, then flipping your pressed masa so that the side that was closest to the hinge is now closest to the lever, and pressing again to ensure that your tortilla puffs evenly.
  • Temperature
    No heat, no puff. Preheat a non-stick pan to at least 400° F (med-high/high heat on your stovetop) and sear for 20 seconds on each side to trap moisture in the center of the tortilla. Then flip once more until the tortilla puffs or is cooked through.

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