MASA: The Book

MASA: Techniques, Recipes and Reflections on a Timeless Staple

By Jorge Gaviria
Coming September 2022
Masa: Techniques, Recipes, and Reflections on a Timeless Staple Book by Jorge GaviriaAVAILABLE FROM THE FOLLOWING RETAILERS

At the heart of every perfect tortilla is masa, a dough produced from nixtamalized, stone-ground corn that transforms into not just tortillas but hundreds of Latin food staples, including tostadas, tamales, sopes, and pupusas. But what makes for decadent, wholly flavorful, outrageously good masa?

Written by Masienda founder Jorge Gaviria with input from tortilla artisans in Mexico, third-generation tortillería owners in the United States, tortilla chip behemoths, molino operators on both sides of the border, food scientists, academics, corn breeders, journalists, and home cooks, MASA reveals the history and science behind masa as well as the replicable techniques and tools for making your own excellent masa at home — from dried kernel to fully realized dish.

MASA then demonstrates how to coax this staple into dozens of shapes and applications, from arepas to totopos, bollos to salbutes, empowering cooks of any level to think creatively and adapt recipes confidently for their own use. Additionally, ten inventive recipes from top chefs like Daniela Soto-Innes, Carlos Salgado, and Alex Stupak inspire new ways of relating to this timeless, dynamic food. Plus, with photography from Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott, the team behind the imagery of best-sellers like Gjelina, Dining In, Nothing Fancy, and Dinner at the Long Table, this book is a feast for the eyes as well. 

Like sourdough before it, craft masa is gaining ground as a global culinary movement. This deeply researched, approachable, and visually stunning book is the tipping point for Third Wave Masa — it's the only book you’ll need to join for the ride.

Published by Chronicle Books
~337 pages