Vegan Tamales: Rajas con Elote with Cashew Crema

Vegan tamales: rajas con elote with cashew crema

Masa for tamales is typically made with manteca (lard) and a meat-based broth, but plant-based tamales are just as delicious and can easily be made to appeal to every palate and dietary preference.

This recipe for vegan tamales from Mariana Alvarado of Masazul uses vegetable broth, with refined coconut oil as the fat. If you like the flavor of coconut, feel free to use unrefined, or to swap it out for plant-based butter. You can use any vegetables or beans as the filling. This rajas con elote filling combines the sweetness of fresh corn with a bit of kick from roasted poblano peppers. To top it all off, we finish with a vegan cashew crema for a decadent, creamy combination that is as delicious as it is satisfying. As always, we're using masa harina for the tamal dough, which lends an especially delicate, tender texture to the tamales.


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