Our Take On Contramar's Iconic Tuna Tostada

Tuna tostada topped with spicy mayo, fried leeks, avocado, and lime

When the weather is blustery, we often find ourselves fantasizing about a long comida at Mexico City's Contramar. Carajillo in hand, we're waiting for our pescado a la talla and tuna tostadas to show up (but no rush: the people-watching is unmatched).

We've taken Chef Gabriela Cámara's iconic tuna tostadas, inspired by her childhood visits to Zihuatanejo, the Guerrero beach made famous in The Shawshank Redemption, and made them just a little bit simpler. It's all about the interplay of textures here: raw, sashimi-grade tuna sits atop a crisp tostada slathered with spicy mayo, balanced by creamy avocado and fried leeks. The flavors are simple and bold, and will instantly transport you to warmer temperatures and days with nowhere to be.


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