Shake Things Up with Chicken Tinga Verde

Tinga verde de pollo in a pan

By Miguel Guerrero

Whenever I go to my sister’s house, I like to give her a break from her daily mom duties and cook with my sobrinos. I invented this recipe one day when my nephew Benny said he was craving tinga. I looked through the fridge and didn’t see any tomatoes, but I did find tomatillos for days. I made it the same way as the classic, and even got the chipotle in there. My sister, who is my toughest critic and the pickiest eater in our family, loved it, and Benny couldn’t get enough. We all went in for tostada after tostada piled with all the toppings. This tinga verde is now one of my signature recipes – their only criticism that day was that I made such a small batch.

This is a little bit different than the classic tinga we all know and love, but it's made the same way: sauté your ingredients, blend, and pour over your chicken. Once the flavors have melded, serve it on a crispy tostada, layered with crema, lettuce, and queso, and let me know whether you miss the tomatoes.


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