Allison Osorio's Warming Sopa de Albóndigas

A bowl of albondigas alongside tortillas
If you grew up eating sopa de albóndigas like December's Chef en Residencia Allison Osorio, you know there's really no season for this dish. The spicy, veggie-packed soup hits the spot on hot summer nights and cold winter's eves alike. But of course, nothing can beat a bowl of this hearty Mexican meatball soup on a chilly December night. Allison's grandmother learned to save money by swapping eggs for masa harina as a binder in her albóndigas, and it's a trick that adds extra flavor and moisture to the tender meatballs.
Woman eating a bowl of sopa de albondigas

Don't skip the garnishes: a generous squeeze of lime wakes up all the flavors in the broth, and a fresh corn tortilla for dunking makes for a complete meal.

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