Burn Your Tortillas For Salsa That Will Ignite Your Tastebuds

Taco with salsa ceniza and costilla

If you are a creature of the summer — fond of muggy nights, grilling under the stars, lingering a little too long — this salsa ceniza is for you. The star of the show is a pair of thoroughly burnt tortillas (that's where the ceniza, or ash, comes in), which are ground with roasted spring onions and fiery chile de árbol. The flavors are heightened and brought into balance with the addition of salsa Maggi, a little Knorr chicken bouillon, and lots of lime juice. This recipe comes to us via Dallas-based Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman who leads the kitchen at the acclaimed restaurant José. The flavors remind her of the carne asadas organized by her dad, and chances are if you spoon some of this delicious salsa on top of a grilled piece of meat, it'll take you somewhere similar too. Provecho, friends.


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