These Breakfast Tacos With 50/50 Tortillas Will Blow Your Mind

Breakfast tacos made with Masienda x Hayden Flour Mills Tortilla Flour Blend

Photo by Albert Lu

There are few better ways to perk up a weekday morning, cure a hangover or show someone you love them than with a hot, chewy tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs … and beans … and avocado … and meat … and salsa.

Our founder Jorge recently treated the Masienda staff to a breakfast break in the office with a spread of tacos consisting of 50/50 tortillas (a mix of of corn and wheat flour, for those times when you don’t want to have to choose) made with coconut oil for sweetness. He swiped a spoonful of asiento (Oaxacan chicharrón paste) on each finished tortilla to gild the lily. A big spoonful of slow-scrambled eggs, crumbles of chorizo and a generous helping of the Pura Macha flavor we like to call the Red Eye (a fiery chile oil with chipotle, coffee and peanut) were the filling. It was a breakfast for the books.  

Find the recipe for the 50/50 tortillas below and in Jorge’s book, MASA: Techniques, Recipes and Reflections on a Timeless Staple — and watch Jorge making breakfast tacos here:

Need more breakfast-spiration? Here are a few other combos we’re loving on the Masa Map:

Boca Tacos in Tuscon, AZ’s AM Taco tops Sona Tortilleria's tortillas with a hash brown, fried egg and basil cilantro jalapeño crema (¡guuuuau!).

Gracia in Seattle serves tacos with green chorizo, scrambled eggs, salsa verde, potatoes, queso fresco and crema.

Ladybird Taco in Nashville makes six (count em!) different takes on the breakfast taco. We’re partial to the vegan version, with black beans, potato and avocado, because not all breakfast tacos have eggs!

Ursula in Brooklyn offers a few variations on a breakfast burrito (what chef Eric See calls the bagel of his native New Mexico), including one with crunchy hash browns, soft-scrambled eggs, cheddar, and chorizo laced with pureed red Hatch chiles.

Nico's Taco Bar in Minneapolis stuffs their breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, potatoes, chorizo, queso Oaxaca, pico de gallo, crema, lettuce and salsa: the more the merrier!

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