Allison Osorio's Ode to the Choco Taco

Choco Tacos with Champurrado Ice Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate and Peanuts

Chef Allison Osorio HeadhsotSouthern California pastry chef Allison Osorio, Masienda's December Chef en Residencia, has a love affair with ice cream. After quitting a corporate job to move to Paris and attend culinary school, she now runs School of Quenelle, an online cooking school for her fellow ice cream obsessives. Fittingly, the first recipe she is sharing with us is a riff on the classic (sadly discontinued) Choco Taco, featuring a masa-based waffle cone and a spiced, champurrado-inspired chocolate ice cream.

It's a multi-step recipe requiring a few special tools (an ice cream maker and a waffle cone maker), but it's well worth it. One bite will transport you back to childhood!


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