Molinito 1.0

Molinito 1.0


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Molinito = A diminutive molino (stone mill)

Whether manual or mechanized, we have yet to find a better piece of technology for grinding nixtamal into masa than the traditional surface derived from volcanic rock (basalt). Whereas blenders, hand-cranked mills and food processors use metal blades or plates to simply cut the contents inside, a proper volcanic stone mill cuts, mashes, kneads and even mixes the contents together for a well-integrated mass. Welcome to that heavenly puff that tortilla dreams are made of.

For as long as there has been a masa industry in the US, however, the stone molinos available to the public have been designed for large-scale factories. For perspective, most molinos are larger in size than the average American’s kitchen refrigerator. Needless to say, this has historically discouraged professional chefs and home masa cooks from directly participating in the storied rite of masa making from nixtamal. Until now.

Molinito is the first molino of its kind to be created for professional and home use, using fully stainless steel components that respond directly to the unique demands and spatial limitations of the working kitchen. It is light, nimble and tastefully efficient.

Think of Molinito as an OG Vitamix or Robot Coupe with an even wider range of functions; most notably, it makes excellent masa possible, which the others cannot. Additionally, Molinito may be used to make moles, flours, chile and spice pastes.

Now we’re grinding.

Each Molinito comes with two sets of stones. We recommend using one set of stones at a time; this way, when one set is worn down, you have a fresh replacement set to hold you over until your original set has been serviced. Masienda offers stone servicing plans for all Molinito customers.

Masienda is proud to exclusively distribute Molinito internationally. Pre-orders placed by December 31st will ship on or before Feb 28th. Due to specific shipping requirements, Molinito orders may not be combined with other orders on Masa + Tienda. Any additional items ordered will ship immediately.


Molinito weight: 82 lbs (with stones)
Shipping weight: 113 lbs
Surface Materials: Stainless steel 304
Motor: 1 HP, 110-127 Volts
Stones: 5” (Two sets of volcanic stones included, forged in Puebla, MX)
Production Capacity: 60 lbs/hr
Made collaboratively across both sides of the border.

Molinito Unit Dimensions: 25.6″ (l) x 12.6″ (w) x 18.5″ (h)

Disclaimer: Molinito is a powerful tool that must be used with caution. Please read manual before use for guidance and safety tips. All purchases are final.

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