Made In x Masienda Comal

Made In x Masienda Comal



After years of searching for a dedicated comal for home cooks and professionals alike, we finally decided to have one made just for Masienda. We teamed up with the folks at award-winning Made In Cookware to produce Comal, the stuff tortilla puff dreams are made of.

A comal is a circular-shaped cooking griddle upon which many masa dishes, most notably tortillas, are prepared. Whereas traditional comales are made of clay, however, we designed Comal with the modern kitchen in mind.

Made of the finest blue carbon steel, Comal seamlessly blends the heat retention of a cast-iron pan (at half the weight!) with the responsiveness of stainless steel. Not only does Comal shine for tortillas, sopes, and other masa antojitos, it deftly sears meats, fries eggs and toasts your favorite salsa ingredients. With a bit of seasoning, Comal is the kind of utilitarian pan that will come to permanently live on your stovetop.

Use and Care: For a detailed outline of seasoning and cleaning Comal, take a look at this article on our blog.

Like a cast-iron skillet, Comal requires seasoning before use. Check out our easy-to-follow How To Season Made In x Masienda Comal video here. Made In seasoning wax available at

For best results, heat Comal over a gas stovetop or live flame. Comal is not reliably compatible with induction burners and may warp during use. Comal will function over an electric stovetop, however, it may lead to uneven cooking and surface discoloration.

To wash after use, avoid soap and instead use a brush under running water or simply wipe down with a paper towel (preferable, if residue is light). Dry well and continue to season until Comal’s patina is fully developed.

Comal Specifications

Weight: 3.8 lbs

Cooking surface diameter: 11.75″

Total diameter: 13.75″

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Additional Information

Comal or Comal Kit

Comal, Comal + 2 x 2.2lb Masa Harina (White), Comal + 2 x 2.2lb Masa Harina (Blue), Comal + 2 x 2.2lb Masa Harina (Red)

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  1. Jon D.

    Jon D. (verified owner)

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  2. Trevin H

    The Carbon Steel Takes Some Getting Used to

    Trevin H (verified owner)

    Until buying this comal, we have been cooking tortillas on non-stick pans, which work just fine, but the taste difference between the non-stick pan and the comal is night-and-day. Tortillas cooked on the non-stick pans have a bit more of a “flat” taste, and don’t have the same “sear” or rustic depth that you will get on the comal. The price is far steeper than what you would pay in Mexico for a comal, but we don’t mind paying for the high-end Made In cookware and we love the Masienda brand.

    The Masienda team gave me some good advise, which is to treat this more like a piece of cast iron cookware (if you’re familiar with those). The comal needs to be seasoned, don’t put it away bone dry or wet – always rub a LIGHT (and I mean light) layer of oil or seasoning wax, food will inevitably get stuck or scarred into the pan – just keep cooking on it, don’t use soap unless you want to remove the seasoning, heat it up somewhat slowly – don’t go straight to “high” setting on your stove top. After you begin seasoning and using it, it’s never going to be the beautiful blue color it was when you opened it.

    I experienced some difficulty at first, as this was my first experience with carbon steel cookware and I did not do enough research before hand. I can’t stress this enough: Do yourself a favor and research carbon steel pans – care, seasoning, etc. – if you have never used one. There are lots of good articles on the internet, I recommend the article on Serious Eats. Be prepared to put some work into building the seasoning on the pan before you use it.

    We use an electric stove with heating coils. Initially we would crank the heat to high, this lead to some temporary warping of the comal (it flattened back out on its own), the seasoning directly above the heating coils to “burn off” (went back to the out-of-the-box blue color), and in that burned-off area it seemed to lose the seasoning. After many attempts to re-season that part of the comal, it seems like it’s just something that we will have to deal with.

    Another thing to consider is that for our type of stove, the comal is much larger than the burner so we have to cook the tortillas one at a time in the center (the area of the comal that does not overlap the burners doesn’t get as hot). I imagine if you have a gas stovetop this would not be an issue due to the flame spreading out and you could cook multiple tortillas at once (the picture on this page shows 4 tortillas, but I imagine those are not 6-inch tortillas).

    As mentioned above, we have had bits of tortilla get stuck to the comal. We have had the best results using a piece of the chain-mail style of cast iron scrubber – don’t apply too much pressure or you’ll scrape off the seasoning. Whatever does not come off, we just re-season over the top of it. You’ll notice that if you just continue on as you are cooking and food is getting stuck, that stuck food almost acts like a non-stick surface on its own.

    The Masienda team really gave great customer support (we had many email exchanges back and forth, including pictures) asking for help trouble shooting. Eventually got a phone call to help me understand using the carbon steel and working through the concerns I was having.

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