Molinito is the first molino of its kind to be created for professional and home use, constructed with fully stainless steel components that respond directly to the demands and spatial limitations of the working kitchen. It is light, nimble and tastefully efficient. 

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Molinito purchasers receive 15% off all purchases of 55 lb bags of Heirloom Corn through our Molinito Club discount.

Surface Materials: Stainless steel 304
Motor: 1 HP, 110-127 Volts
Stones: 5” (Two sets included, 8lbs. per pair)
Production Capacity: 45-50 lbs/hr
Molinito weight: 92 lbs
Shipping weight: 143 lbs (ships on a pallet)
Molinito Unit Dimensions: 26.5″ (l) x 14.5″ (w) x 18″ (h)
Think of Molinito as an OG Vitamix or Robot Coupe with an even wider range of functions; most notably, it makes excellent masa possible, which the others cannot. Additionally, Molinito may be used to make moles, flours, chile and spice pastes.

The Making of Molinito

When we started Masienda in 2014, we realized that many masa-minded cooks in the US only had access to GMO corn that was, well, flavorless, not to mention lacking in nutrition. We built a value chain where there wasn't one. Not long after, we realized that another impediment to masa success was a lack of access to milling equipment. For as long as there has been a masa industry in the US, molinos have been designed for large-scale factories — most are larger in size than the average refrigerator. So we created Molinito. Now more people can directly participate in the storied rite of masa making from fresh nixtamal.