Comal by Made In x Masienda | Griddle Pan | #1 of #3
Comal by Made In x Masienda | Griddle Pan | #2 of #3
Comal by Made In x Masienda | Griddle Pan | #3 of #3
Comal by Made In x Masienda | Griddle Pan
Made In x Masienda Comal
A collaboration with the folks at award-winning Made In Cookware, Comal is a circular-shaped griddle made of blue carbon steel, aka the stuff tortilla puff dreams are made of. Carbon steel is more lightweight than cast iron and heats up more evenly and quickly. It’s also perfect for eggs and bacon, steaks, and vegetables, which is to say, it absolutely deserves a permanent place on your stovetop.

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· Weight: 3.8 lbs
· Cooking surface diameter: 11.75″
· Total diameter: 13.75″
Like a cast-iron skillet, Comal requires seasoning before use. Comal is not reliably compatible with induction burners and may warp during use. It will function over an electric stovetop, however, this may lead to uneven cooking and surface discoloration.
Check out our guide to seasoning and cleaning Comal.
Review Highlights-

The quality of this Comal

The quality of this Comal is beyond astounding. the Blue steel is stunning in appearance and after seasoning it with the Made IN seasoning wax it is a work of art. I recently got a second one for my nephew and his girlfriend as a birthday present.

Tim G.

Great choice!

Great choice! Nice weight without being as heavy as cast iron. Quick even heat that’s easier to adjust that cast iron as well. Great non-stick surface which was easy to season. Big enough for three tortillas at a time without being too big for the stovetop. And of course perfect for all of our Indian flatbreads as well.

Darren F.

In the Round

A comal is a circular-shaped cooking griddle upon which many masa dishes, most notably tortillas, are prepared. Whereas traditional comales are made of clay, our Comal is designed with the modern kitchen in mind. It's made of the finest blue carbon steel, seamlessly blending the heat retention of a cast-iron pan (at half the weight!) with the responsiveness of stainless steel. With a bit of seasoning (read up about that on our blog), Comal is the kind of everyday pan that will earn a permanent spot on your stovetop.


'Tis the Season

Seasoning is the process of treating the surface of Comal with a non-stick coating formed from polymerized oil, which fill the small pores of its surface. A healthy layer of seasoning, also known as patina, will protect your Comal from rust and create a one-of-a-kind non-stick surface.

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